Software Patterns Made Easy

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Название: Software Patterns Made Easy
Автор: Justice Nanhou
Издательство: IT Beratung (Verlag)
Год: 2021
Страниц: 202
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

Design patterns are just as complicated as writing code. They are solutions to a class of problems readily available for use for your code. Design patterns also allow you to share solutions other programmers have discovered.

If you are ever writing code and get the funny feeling that you have solved the problem you were working on before, you probably have! You might well have come across the same kind of situation in the past, felt puzzled about it, and came up with a solution to that problem. This might have happened quite a few times. However, why keep reinventing the wheel? Why don't you just write down your solutions and refer back to it as needed? That is what design patterns are all about. A design pattern represents a solution to the problem or a class of problems that one can put to work at once in your code. As a matter of fact, design patterns go one step further: they also help you share the solutions discovered by other programmers.

The design patterns you will see in this book represent the insight-ful solutions to the dilemmas that just about every programmer faces every now and then. Knowing these design patterns is going to save you a lot of time as well as efforts. All you need to understand is that someone has already solved the problem for you with a careful eye towards good programming practices and efficiency. All you have to do is apply that solution to your own code.

The design patterns I have covered in this book are essential for any programmer to understand. There is a lot of ad hoc programming which goes on in this world, which can lead to a lot of errors in critical code. Why should you be the one sitting in front of the debugger every single day? We have put design patterns to work for you, which you can just slip as a solution into place.

What Are Design Patterns and Why Do You Need Them? As a programmer, you know how easy it can be to get lost in the details of what you are doing. However, if you lose the overview, do not plan effectively, and lose sight of the bigger picture, the code you are writing ends up working just fine for a while, however, unless you understand the bigger picture, that code is a specialised solution to any particular problem.

Developers typically regard their work as tackling individual problems by writing code to solve them. However, the truth is that in any expert environment, developers almost always end up spend-ing a lot of time on maintenance and adapting code to suit new situations while writing an entirely new code.

Even though software professionals might be familiar with the term 'design patterns' there are many who have simply no idea regarding where they come from and what they indeed are. Subsequently, some people fail to see the value and benefits these design patterns bring to the overall software development process, especially in areas pertaining to maintenance and code reuse.

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