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Boeing 707 / 720

Автор: Jim Winchester
Название: Boeing 707 / 720
Издательство: Airlife
Год: 2002
ISBN: 1840373113
Серия: Classic Airliners
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 24,7 mb
Страниц: 128 p.: ill.

The Boeing 707 was the first aircraft to convince the world's airlines that jet propulsion was the way ahead. During its long life it has served with most of the principal international carriers, and derivatives have seen service in many guises with military air forces around the world. The aeroplane brought new standards of comfort, speed and efficiency to airline passengers and was largely responsible for air travel as we understand it today.

Although the 707 was pipped at the post by the de Havilland Comet as being the world's first jet airliner, it eventually proved the more successful design. Pan Am was the first airline to order it, and flew its fleet emblazoned with the famous 'Clipper' names. BOAC placed a substantial order and insisted on Rolls-Royce engines rather than the Pratt & Whitney JT series engines favoured by American customers.

Very few 707s are now flying passengers; most of those that remains operational in the civil field have been converted for cargo. Many military versions still fly as AWACS, tankers or transports.

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