Wind Tunnels: Uses and Developments

Название: Wind Tunnels: Uses and Developments
Автор: Editor Zied Driss
Издательство: Nova Science Publishers
Год: 2019
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 254
Размер: 12.11 МБ
Язык: English

Wind tunnels are facilities in which the wind is produced by fans or by compressed air to study and measure the action of the air flow around a solid. There are two basic types of wind tunnels: the closed-circuit and the open-circuit. Open-circuits draw air from the ambient environment and exhaust it back to the ambient after exiting the fan, while in closed-circuit, the air repeatedly circulates through the tunnel.
The closed-circuit design delivers improved efficiency and generates less noise, but it is more expensive and more difficult to manufacture. Wind tunnels are typically used in aerodynamic research to analyze the behavior of flows under varying conditions, both within channels and over solid surfaces. The present book focus on uses and developments of wind tunnels. It consists on nine chapters presenting different studies on the design, uses and developments of the wind tunnel in different applications like wind turbines, building and aircraft models. The presented case studies and development approaches aim to provide the readers, such as engineers and PhD students, with basic and applied studies broadly related to the wind tunnels and its applications.

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