Customizing Your Home: 39 Step-by-step Projects for Turning Your New House into a Home

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Название: Customizing Your Home: 39 Step-by-step Projects for Turning Your New House into a Home
Автор: Bryan Trandem
Издательство: Creative Pub
ISBN: 1589230469
Год: 2002
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 146
Размер: 104 Мб
Язык: English

Millions of brand-new homes are constructed each year in this country, and millions of existing homes change hands and green new owners annually. Many of the newly built homes are left partially unfinished and offer the homeowner a perfect opportunity to customize their home. It's even more important, perhaps, when you buy a home that's been "personalized" for a different person. This book will give you the power to put your personal stamp of ownership on your home, whether it's newly built or not. More than 25 self-contained projects are all explained clearly and documented with hundreds of full-color photos. Sections include installing a basic deck or patio outside the double patio doors; finishing the basement bathroom using the stubouts left by the builder; and installing a landscape fence. In addition, readers will learn how to customize the spaces that are already finished by installing decorative crown moldings, wainscot paneling, custom light fixtures, a prefabricated fireplace, a suspended ceiling, a skylight, etc. Outdoors, readers will learn how to do basic landscaping, such as creating a flower garden area, renovating a lawn, and planting trees and shrubs. If your house is already perfectly customized, think of this as an ideal housewarming gift for family and friends.

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