CompTIA Security+: Study Guide for the CompTIA Security+ Certification (Exam SY0-501)
Название: CompTIA Security+: Study Guide for the CompTIA Security+ Certification (Exam SY0-501)
Автор: Samuel Foster
Издательство: Amazon.com Services LLC
Год: 2020
Страниц: 138
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (conv), epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

Have you wanted to make progress in your cyber security career, but you always feel overwhelmed by the different options of security certifications so much that you don’t know which one is the best for you, which one will land you the best job or the one that will assist you in moving forward? If you’ve answered YES, then keep reading...

Are you sick and tired of having to endure your current job situation because your resume never seems to have enough credibility to take you to the next level? Are you tired of having one or two major certifications and are ready to add another one that will make the difference- and boost your resume to land the jobs of your dreams? If so, pursuing the CompTIA security certification is a perfect choice.

An article published in EDUSUM asserts that getting a CompTIA security certification is the best achievement that you can make to guarantee yourself a bright future in a career in IT- given the current nature of cybersecurity and market demand. Another article in Centriq suggests that a CompTIA certification is recognized globally as one of the leading trusted and recognized certifications in IT. This means that if you get any chance/help to acquire get this certification, you should embrace it immediately, especially if it makes things easier for you, like this book.

So what do you need to learn to ace your CompTIA security certification? How will the certification help advance your career? What do you need to learn in each module? If you have these and other related questions about CompTIA security, this book is for you so keep reading, as it covers the ins and outs of how to ace the SY0-501 like a champ!

Here’s a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover in this book:

The basics of CompTIA certifications, including CompTIA A+ certification and CompTIA security certification
How to prepare yourself adequately for the A+ exams
The ins and outs of the CompTIA SY0-201 certification exam
The ins and outs of CompTIA SYO-101 certification exam
The CompTIA SY0-201 exam guide, and understanding the exam
How to prepare yourself adequately for the SY0-301 certification exam
Why you should take the CompTIA certification exam
How to pass the N10-004 and SY0-301
All about the SY0-501 CompTIA security+ exam
The policies and procedures you need to know
The steps you need to implement the policies and procedures
The considerations for implementing backup and data security
The management of access to identities
Understanding the IP Network address
The hybrid cloud deployment model
Cloud computing and virtualization with IT
The overview of cloud computing
Protection against cyber attacks
How to reply to a data security crisis

...and much, much more!

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