Computer Network Simulation Using NS2

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Издательство: CRC Press
Автор: Ajit Kumar Nayak Satyananda Champati Rai , Rajib Mall (
Количество страниц:325
Размер:19 MbComputer Network Simulations Using NS2 provides a solid foundation of computer networking knowledge and skills, covering everything from simple operating system commands to the analysis of complex network performance metrics.

The book begins with a discussion of the evolution of data communication techniques and the fundamental issues associated with performance evaluation. After presenting a preliminary overview of simulation and other performance evaluation techniques, the authors:

Describe a number of computer network protocols and TCP/IP and OSI models, highlighting the networking devices used
Explain a socket and its use in network programming, fostering the development of network applications using C and socket API
Introduce the NS2 network simulator, exhibiting its internal architecture, constituent software packages, and installation in different operating systems
Delve into simulation using NS2, elaborating on the use of Tcl and OTcl scripts as well as AWK scripting and plotting with Gnuplot
Show how to simulate wired and wireless network protocols step by step, layer by layer
Explore the idea of simulating very large networks, identifying the challenges associated with measuring and graphing the various network parameters
Include nearly 90 example programs, scripts, and outputs, along with several exercises requiring application of the theory and programming

Computer Network Simulations Using NS2 emphasizes the implementation and simulation of real-world computer network protocols, affording readers with valuable opportunities for hands-on practice while instilling a deeper understanding of how computer network protocols work.

Table of Contents

Rapid Evolution of Voice and Data Communication Techniques
Evolution of Computer Communication Networks
Convergence of Data and Telecommunication Networks
Integration of TCP/IP into Unix
Queueing Theory
Overview of Simulation
A Few Basic Concepts in Simulation
Discrete-Event Simulation
Basics of Network Simulation
Introduction to NS2
Common Mistakes in Simulation

Network Protocols
TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Architecture of TCP/IP
Overview of the Operation of TCP
Application Layer Protocols of TCP
TCP/IP versus the ISO/OSI Model
Adaptation of the TCP Window
Improvement of TCP Performance
Networking Devices

Network Programming Using Socket API
Socket Interface
Socket API
I/O Multiplexing

Introduction to NS2
Simulator Structure
Simulator Input and Output
NS2 Installation Steps
NS2 Directories and Files
Network Animator (NAM)
NS2 Program Structure

Basics of Protocol Simulation Using NS2
Program Execution
Basic Programming Constructs
File Handling
Object-Oriented Tcl (OTcl)
AWK Scripting

Wired Network Simulation
Step-by-Step Wired Network Simulation
Visualization Using NAM
Link Layer — Links and Queueing
Network Layer — Routing
Transport Layer — Transport Agents
Packet Trace
Application Layer — Traffic Generators
Network Dynamics— Node/Link Failure Models
Error Model

Wireless Network Simulation
Wired Versus Wireless Network Simulation
Step-by-Step Wireless Network Simulation
Wireless Networking Modules
Wireless Routing
Wireless Trace
Network Performance Metrics
Practical Simulation Issues
A Complete Example

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