Shoulder Hypertrophy Program, Men's Edition
Название: Shoulder Hypertrophy Program, Men's Edition
Автор: Jeff Nippard
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2018
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 10.21 MB

A linear progression scheme is used for all exercises except the Standing Overhead Barbell Press in this program. The goal with this linear progression is to add reps while keeping the weight the same until the top end of the rep range is reached for all sets. From there, you will add weight and go back to the low end of the rep range. In the real world, it might not work out that neatly. As long as you’re adding some weight or some reps over time on average (meaning it doesn’t have to increase EVERY week) you’re doing it right. For the Standing Overhead Barbell Press, a percentage-based progression scheme is used. An estimated 1RM is determined in week 1 using an AMRAP test and load prescriptions are made in the following weeks based off percentages of that 1RM. The fi rst 4 weeks (Block 1) are set toward volume accumulation, while weeks 5-8 see a volume decrease set toward the goal of increasing max strength.

How hard should you train? How heavy should you go? The answers to these questions are determined by the RPE given for each exercise. Keep in mind that RPE’s are meant to be for working sets only. An RPE of 10 indicates the set should be taken to failure. An RPE of 9 means you should stop one rep shy of failure. An RPE of 8 means you should stop two reps shy of failure and so on. RPE’s provided are intended to be applied to all working sets except for when the training day is annotated with a note indicating that the fi nal set of each exercises is to be taken to failure.

Table of contents :

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