Naginata. History and Practice
Название: Naginata. History and Practice
Автор: Alexander Bennett
Издательство: Bunkasha International
ISBN: 4907009208
Год: 2016
Страниц: 400
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 103.0 MB

Новое дополненное издание теперь уже распроданной книги "Naginata: The Definitive Guide". Алекс Беннетт описывает историю и практику нагината, используя оригинальные исходные материалы и технические фотографии, сделанные под руководством сенсея Кимура Ясуко. С одобрением Международной федерации нагината, это наиболее полное руководство на английском языке по боевому искусству нагината.

New updated edition of the now out-of-print "Naginata: The Definitive Guide." Alex Bennett goes into the history and practice of Naginata, using original source materials, and technical photos taken under the guidance of Kimura Yasuko Sensei. With the approval of the International Naginata Federation, this is the most comprehensive English-language guide to the martial art of Naginata.

Of the miniscule number of books on Naginata that do exist, most are prewar Japanese textbooks that are, for the most part, irrelevant to the popular form developed from the 1950s. Postwar Naginata books are scant, and usually only cover the same basic techniques. Very little information is offered with regard to the cultural, historical, and spiritual aspects of Naginata. To date, apart from a few journal articles, there are virtually no references in English or any other language. Practitioners around the world have been left almost completely in the dark about how modern Naginata actually evolved in a process that spanned over a millennium.

I wrote this book with these points in mind. This volume is a complete rewrite and revision of my previous book, Naginata: The Definitive Guide (KW Publications, 2005). I understand that enthusiasts have flatteringly been calling the original book "The Naginata Bible" for some years, but I am not presumptuous enough to rename revised edition with this title. I hope, however, that this vastly improved and updated version will continue to provide the enthusiast with a solid base for further research into the history of Naginata and budo culture. It should also serve as a reference for both instructors and beginners in the techniques of Naginata.

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