Drawing scenery: landscape and seascape

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Drawing scenery: landscape and seascape

Название: Drawing scenery: landscape and seascape / Рисование пейзажа : пейзаж и морской пейзаж
Автор: Jack Hamm
Издательство: Perigee Trade
Год: 1988
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 128
Размер: 171.8 MB
Язык: English

This book is step-by-step tool on drawing scenery. It's clearly written, which makes its instructions very easy to follow and understand, and it's masterfully organized in six sections that clearly relate to one another, making it easy to go back to specific topics at any time. In its first section alone (Introduction to the Basics of Scenery Drawing) it includes very well explained drawing basics like composition, space division, picture elements, comprehension factors, materials and more. It also goes beyond most scenery drawing books in the market to include, beside the usual landscape and terrain composition techniques, other important concepts: Drawing Trees and Foliage, Drawing Rocks and Mountains, Drawing Clouds and Skies, Drawing Water (Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Falls), and Drawing Buildings (in various shapes and sizes). Additional bonuses are the authors' constant tips on a wide variety of topics that go from shading and highlighting to artistic treatment and texturing of surfaces.

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