First Steps in Python: From the basics Idiagress Python
First Steps in Python: From the basics Idiagress PythonНазвание: First Steps in Python: From the basics Idiagress Python
Автор: Vinaay Patil
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2021
Страниц: 153
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 13.3 MB

Understanding programming has become ‘the need’ of the 21st century. A world full of computers, mobiles, and apps operates on code. However, many people find programming difficult, or they ignore it. If I am a retailer or an artist, do I need to know about programming? Isn’t this an engineers’ domain? Within engineers, again, the question goes around, if I am a Civil engineer, do I need to know about programming? Isn’t this a computer engineer’s domain? Essentially, we observe a hesitancy to learn how to program. It is always somebody else’s domain. Well, it is not.

In this day and age, it is everybody’s domain. For any service you offer or any goods you sell, a web presence is a must. And anything on the internet you put is nothing but a code. From personal experience, I am a mechanical engineer. Ideally, I should be working with machines and crudely working with spanners and hammers on a shop floor. But instead I have to use an array of software tools. I am not talking about some high-end tools; simple softwares, the likes of Excel, PowerPoint force me to think like a programmer. Now and then, I need to automate some or the other calculation in simple Excel. Interacting with apps and trying to make the most out of them, improving our productivity requires us to think like a programmer. Figuring out a checkout and payment system for your website requires you to feel like a programmer and understand where things can go wrong.

The critical point I want to emphasize is that I need to ‘think’ like a programmer. We all need this ability to ‘think’ like programmers. Most of us don’t want to end up becoming a full-fledged software developer. Still, it is essential to understand how software is developed. The logic behind it And, what does it mean to think like a programmer? Primarily, It is an exercise in logic. Software code is based entirely on ‘Logic.’ With this in mind, treat this course as an introduction to programming logic via Python. Python is the simplest, straightforward, free for everyone programming language. So, begin reading this book with a bright attitude, an open mind. Programming is easy, and you will learn it here.

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