Assessing DevOps: Assess DevOps Quantitatively for your IT, Business and Industry
Assessing DevOps: Assess DevOps Quantitatively for your IT, Business and IndustryНазвание: Assessing DevOps: Assess DevOps Quantitatively for your IT, Business and Industry
Автор: Manas Shome, Raghubir Bose
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2019
Страниц: 238
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 10.1 MB

The book describes how to assess your IT for DevOps by leveraging quantitative methods. As opposed to DevOps assessments that are typically subjective and follow heuristic approaches, a quantitative assessment approach makes the it highly deterministic and capable of generating an implementation-ready target state. The book covers:

1. Understanding the "Big Picture" on why and what to assess
2. Pre-assessment for DevOps to first capture a high level readiness by portfolios
3. Detailed assessment using quantitative methods along with numerous examples, templates and checklists, that generates (a) target architectures in terms of people, process and technology, (b) detailed DevOps implementation stories, and (c) key metrics - Covers 350+ questions and stories, and 50+ key IT metrics
4. Assess culture as part of detailed assessment and understand impact of culture on estimates to implement and adopt
5. Recommended steps to get started on a consulting assignment and prepare the assessment report

The book further provides DevOps related insights and ready reference towards:
a. A business view of DevOps and how business metrics maps to IT metrics; covers 20+ business metrics
b. 8 emerging areas in IT including Chaos Engineering, AIOps, Security, DataOps, Branching and Merging Strategy, Containers, Cloud, Legacy
c. 7 select Industries - Retail, Media, BFSI, Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Telecom, Energy & Utilities
d. 3 extensive case studies covering the breadth and depth of DevOps assessments
e. Glossary of terms used and a categorized technology/ tool list; 200+ tools covered

The authors have a vast experience in the field of DevOps, having conducted large scale DevOps assessments and transformations across organizations, including truly global firms across industry verticals. With each of them having more than twenty years of experience in IT, the approach has been uniquely formulated (and presented in this book) by them to map any organization's IT strategy to on-ground DevOps implementation as may be required to be planned by such organization.

Who is the book for?
This book is for you if you have an intermediate understanding of IT processes – in terms of how IT project or IT product life cycles work – and typical challenges encountered in IT with respect to how IT implementations are done. We believe that the book would immensely help you if you are an IT consultant, advisor or architect working with one or more organizations to define their DevOps roadmap(s). A basic understanding of concepts in mathematical modelling and quantitative techniques would be an added advantage. You may be planning to do a DevOps assessment for an organization, or create and define your own DevOps assessment model to assist one or more organizations in such assessments. You are an IT leader - say, a CxO, VP, IT director or a departmental head - who requires a deep understanding of how to bridge the gap between your IT strategy and what needs to be done on-the-ground. And lastly you are a business leader or strategist who
needs to understand how your business strategy - with all the industry-specific flavors - should map to your IT strategy itself in the perspective of DevOps and related fields; given that in today's world, business value is substantially and directly derived from IT performance.

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