Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection: 16+ Classic Game Mechanics using Phaser v3.24 Gaming Framework

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Название: Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection: 16+ Classic Game Mechanics using Phaser v3.24 Gaming Framework
Автор: Stephen Gose
Издательство: Leanpub
Год: 2021-01-06
Формат: azw3
Страниц: 984
Размер: 13.5 Mb
Язык: English

Start your own Game Studio!
33 General Game Licenses are included in this book - a savings of $1,980 if purchased separately!
Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection (6th Edition) is a hands-on guide for making browser games using Phaser version 3.16+ Gaming Frameworks. You may also purchase these chapters individually which includes both v2.x.x and v3.16+. This collection delves into 16+ greatest classical and popular game mechanics with 19 sub-genres (for a total of 35!). All are written in a fun and friendly style with completed projects and open-ended exercises that encourage you to build and include your own game assets and features. You’ll also download supporting tools to classify the book’s snippets and add your own modification. Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection (a sister volume to this one exclusively for Phaser v2.x.x) is similar to this book's Part II.
Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection contains several sections. It starts with
- Part I is an Introduction into the Game Design System™, game perspective, modes, genres, workstation set-up, an introduction to "headless game design", and generation tools.
- Part II demonstrates basic game mechanics and mechanisms using Phaser jаvascript Gaming Framework. Each chapter is a separate game mechanic for Phaser III in this volume! This is a reference book; simply turn to the chapter of the game you'd like to create. In a matter of hours, you will have a working game prototype for that game mechanics using the Game Design System™ -- fully explained in the Phaser III Game Design workbook (new 6th edition). You'll then add your own artwork and any additional game features; then over the next few days, you'll have your own completed game ready to deploy in the "apps" stores. You might consider this a joint effort: I am your game programmer and you are the game designer, artist, and marketer.
- Part III is a massive collection of 59+ Flash ActionScript games just waiting for you to transpile from ActionScript 2/3 into Phaser III. There's also several chapters on converting older Phaser v2.x.x into the new Phaser III API!
You’ll find detailed working examples, with dozens of illustrations and many concepts you can freely apply to your own gaming projects. All the source code annotations are enhanced through the book’s explanation.

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