Data Structures and Abstractions with Java 5th Edition

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Название: Data Structures and Abstractions with Java Fifth Edition (What's New in Computer Science)
Автор: Frank M. Carrano, Timothy M. Henry
Издательство: Pearson
Год: 2018
Формат: PDF (conv.), HQ PDF with OCRred
Страниц: 1418
Размер: 19.1 Mb, 68.6 Mb
Язык: English

A relatable and friendly introduction to data structures and their implementation
The 5th Edition of Data Structures and Abstractions with Java introduces readers to data structures (CS-2) in a supportive, reader-friendly way. The book’s organization, sequencing, and pace of topic coverage make teaching and learning easier by:
Focusing the reader’s attention on one concept at a time
Providing flexibility in the order in which one can cover topics
Clearly separating the specification of each abstract data type (ADT) from its implementation
Placing relevant coverage of Java into Java Interludes, which you can use as needed.
To increase readability and learning potential, the numbered segments and modular presentation provide a flexible, customizable pathway through the material and focus the reader’s attention on one concept at a time. Numerous examples that mimic real-world situations provide a context for the new material and help to make it easier for audiences to learn and retain abstract concepts. The 5th Edition has a revamped structure and additional pedagogical tools to assist in mastering concepts.


HQ PDF with OCRred:

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