Python & Raspberry Pi 3: The No-Nonsense Bundle

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Название: Python & Raspberry Pi 3: The No-Nonsense Bundle
Автор: Cyberpunk University
Издательство: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Год: 2017
Страниц: 226
Размер: 10 Mb
Язык: English

Python & Raspberry Pi 3: The No-Nonsense Bundle: Learn Python & How To Program Your Raspberry Pi Within 24 Hours!

Learn These 2 Ultimate Programming Skills Within Only 24 Hours!

What if you have the skills to program the next Facebook or Instagram? Can you imagine, building your own Raspberry PI Personal Assistant, make a files storage server or write your own games. Sounds good, right?!

Programmers are the new Rockstars of this century, PERIOD!
The demand for programmers now is higher than ever. With this 2 book bundle we will teach you the right skillset to start your programming journey.

Best Selling Authors Cyberpunk University, have decided to bundle their TOP bestselling books into 1 book! These books have helped thousands of starting programmers to attain the right skillset. Cyberpunk University believes that they have the ability to learn programming to anybody within 12 hours. They know how quite tricky it is to learn and be a master of any programming language. But with their experience they’re able to create information products such as this step-by-step bundle.

“We took out all the NONSENSE and tell you what to do, and more important, HOW TO DO IT!”

What will you find in this bundle:

-How to setup the programming language of the future
-Exercises at the end of each chapter to help you master Python
-How to handle errors and exceptions when writing a program
-How you can test your programs
-BONUS: Compilation of valuable links and tutorials to further develop your python skills
-BONUS: The FREE Cyberpunk Python Whizz Kit including, a Python Cheat sheet and 50+ Free Python exercises.

Raspberry Pi:
-How to setup your Raspberry Pi the RIGHTWAY
-How to setup your Raspbian OS the easy way and the hard way
-How to write your first game on your Pi 3
-Learn the basic skills of Python for complete programming newbies
-How to understand the Raspberry GPIO and setting up the hardware
-BONUS: Raspberry Pi 3 Pinout Chart
-BONUS: The TOP 6 Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners
-And more...

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