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Stairway to SQL Server XML
Название: Stairway to SQL Server XML
Автор: Robert Sheldon
Издательство: SimpleTalk Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-910035-14-6
Год: 2017
Страниц: 118
Язык: английский
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 64.2 MB

Although XML is conceptually simple, its use as an equal partner datatype within a relational database, with full searching, validation and manipulation of data, is not intuitive. XML has been part of the SQL Standard since 2003, and is essential for any DBA because so many of the dynamic management views return XML data. Now that the industry is more used to data defined by document markup, it is becoming more important than ever for Database Developers and DBAs to understand the technology and to know where it makes sense to use XML. In this book, originally a series of articles on SQLServerCentral.com, Robert Sheldon flexes his talent to make the complicated seem simple.

Table of Contents:
Level 1 – Introduction to XML 8
Level 2 – The XML Data Type 17
Level 3 – Working with Typed XML 24
Level 4 – Querying XML Data 36
Level 5 – The XML exist() and nodes() Methods 51
Level 6 – Inserting Data into an XML Instance 64
Level 7 – Updating Data in an XML Instance 77
Level 8 – Deleting Data from an XML Instance 89
Level 9 – Creating XML-based Functions 99
Level 10 – Converting XML Data 110

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