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Pro Freeware and Open Source Solutions for Business
Название: Pro Freeware and Open Source Solutions for Business
Автор: Phillip Whitt
Издательство: Apress
ISBN: 1484211316
Год: 2015
Страниц: 280
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 10.64 MB

Это практическое руководство для владельца малого бизнеса, ищущего жизнеспособную альтернативу дорогостоящим коммерческим пакетам программного обеспечения и подпискам. В этом справочном руководстве представлен обзор многих популярных и мощных бесплатных альтернатив проприетарному программному обеспечению. Но не только владельцы малого бизнеса могут извлечь выгоду из этой книги, но также преподаватели и студенты.

Pro Freeware and Open Source Solutions for Business is a practical guide for the small business owner seeking viable alternative to expensive commercial software packages and subscriptions. This reference guide provides an overview of many popular and powerful free alternatives to proprietary software. Not only can small business owners benefit from this book, but educators and students can as well.

In this book you will find free and open source solutions for office productivity, PDF creation, accounting, image editing and graphic design, desktop publishing, 3D design, CAD, audio and video editing, website and blog creation, customer relationship management, point of sale, networking and security, and alternatives to the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

This guide helps free the cost-conscious business owner from the bonds of expensive proprietary software by exploring the free and powerful alternatives that exist. You can save a substantial sums of money by replacing just a few commercial software titles with free and open source solutions. Learn how with Pro Freeware and Open Source Solutions for Business today.

What you’ll learn

Learn the difference between freeware and open source applications

Why open source software is gaining more traction, especially in cities throughout Europe

The potential savings each application offers

Which software is ideal for your particular needs

Which commercial title each application replaces

The potential cost savings each application offers

Which operating system(s) each software title runs on

Where to get support for a particular software title

Who this book is for

Pro Freeware and Open Source Solutions for Business is written for the cost-conscious small business owner who needs viable software solutions to run their organization, but without the exorbitant price tags and restrictions that accompany proprietary packages. Small business owners will discover workable replacements for big name packages, such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Quick Books Pro, among others. This book is written for the time-conscious business owner and puts tons of valuable information at the reader's fingertips. All of the heavy research has been done and is presented clearly.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Office Productivity, Note Taking, Accounting, and PDF Creation

Chapter 2: Point-of-sale, CRM, Backup, and Compression Software

Chapter 3: Desktop Publishing, Illustration, Painting, and 3D Modeling Software

Chapter 4: Photo Editing Software

Chapter 5: Audio-Video Capture, Conversion and Editing Software

Chapter 6: Project Planning, Inventory Management, and Time Tracking Software

Chapter 7: Web Site Creation Software and Web Browsers

Chapter 8: Content Management Solutions

Chapter 9: Network and Security Utilities

Chapter 10: Linux: The Free Alternative to Windows and Mac OS

Appendix A: Professional Profiles

Appendix B: Additional Software Products

Appendix C: Resources for Free and Open Source Software

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