The Handbook of Applied Communication Research, 2 Volume Set

Название: The Handbook of Applied Communication Research, 2 Volume Set
Автор: Edited by H. Dan O’Hair and Mary John O’Hair
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Год: 2020
Страниц: 1042
Размер: 15,53 МБ
Формат: PDF
Язык: English

The field of Applied Communication Research (ACR) has made substantial progress over the past five decades in studying communication problems, and in making contributions to help solve them. Changes in society, human relationships, climate and the environment, and digital media have presented myriad contexts in which to apply communication theory. The Handbook of Applied Communication Research addresses a wide array of contemporary communication issues, their research implications in various contexts, and the challenges and opportunities for using communication to manage problems. This innovative work brings together the diverse perspectives of a team of notable international scholars from across disciplines.
The Handbook of Applied Communication Research includes discussion and analysis spread across two comprehensive volumes. Volume one introduces ACR, explores what is possible in the field, and examines theoretical perspectives, organizational communication, risk and crisis communication, and media, data, design, and technology. The second volume focuses on real-world communication topics such as health and education communication, legal, ethical, and policy issues, and volunteerism, social justice, and communication activism. Each chapter addresses a specific issue or concern, and discusses the choices faced by participants in the communication process. This important contribution to communication research:

Explores how various communication contexts are best approached
Addresses balancing scientific findings with social and cultural issues
Discusses how and to what extent media can mitigate the effects of adverse events
Features original findings from ongoing research programs and original communication models and frameworks
Presents the best available research and insights on where current research and best practices should move in the future

A major addition to the body of knowledge in the field, The Handbook of Applied Communication Research is an invaluable work for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and scholars.

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