Computational Methods in Nuclear Radiation Shielding and Dosimetry

Название: Computational Methods in Nuclear Radiation Shielding and Dosimetry
Автор: Kulwinder Singh Mann, V. P. Singh
Издательство: Nova Science
Год: 2020
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 377
Размер:15,3 МБ
Язык: English

This book is a compilation of the most widely used computational methods and techniques for calculating shielding parameters that are required for radiation-shielding investigations of dosimetric materials. The theoretical, experimental, and simulation methods and their applications are described. The book is divided into thirteen chapters that are arranged in a systematic order and written by experienced scientists and academicians worldwide.
The gamma-ray shielding parameter calculations with the Monte Carlo simulation techniques viz. MCNP, GEANT4, FLUKA, and EGS5 codes are illustrated. Descriptions of various software such as XCOM, WinXCom, FLUKA, Phy-X, BMIX, ASFIT, and ANSI are provided. A review of fundamental quantities for calculation of ambient dose, i.e., photon and neutron buildup factors, is presented. A phantom-based computation model has been included to indicate the applications of radiation dosimetry in medical diagnostics. The chapters on computed-tomography (CT) have been included to provide insight into the radiations' diagnostic capabilities and applications. The shielding effectiveness of some materials such as ignimbrite rocks, amorphous metals, marbles, dosimetric materials, and novel shielding materials have been investigated. The most recent concept of multi-layered shielding and related buildup factorsa influence on the shielding effectiveness is described with a computer program, the RIMP-TOOLKIT. This book is the result of the authors' hard-work and determination during the worldwide lockdown period caused by the spread of COVID-19. The conclusions presented in this book will be useful in nuclear radiation shielding and for dosimetric purposes. Additionally, this book will be helpful for postgraduate students of physics and chemistry.

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