The Black Prince and the Capture of a King: Poitiers 1356

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Название: The Black Prince and the Capture of a King: Poitiers 1356
Автор: Marilyn Livingstone, Morgen Witzel
Издательство: Casemate
ISBN: 1612004512
Год: 2018
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 225
Для сайта: LitMy
Размер: 33,2 МБ
Язык: Английский

The capture of a king in the course of a battle was a relatively rare event. This, the climactic event of the Black Prince's first campaign as commander, came at the end of nearly a year of campaigning across the southwest of France.
The battle of Poitiers in 1356 is less well known than more famous clashes such as Agincourt, however, Poitiers was no less dramatic, and equally important in terms of the course of the Hundred Years War. The capture of King Jean brought France to the brink of total defeat, and led to one of the most devastating and destructive periods in French history. It is not exaggeration to say that the battle of Poitiers changed the course of history for both France and England.

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