The Fall of Paris The Siege and the Commune 1870-71

Название: The Fall of Paris The Siege and the Commune 1870-71
Автор: Alistair Horne
Издательство: Penguin Books
ISBN: 0141030631
Год: 2007
Формат: EPUB, PDF (conv)
Страниц: 481
Для сайта: openclass.ru
Размер: 15,2 МБ
Язык: Английский

Alistair Horne's The Fall of Paris: The Siege and the Commune, 1870-71 is the first book of Alistair Horne's trilogy, which includes The Price of Glory and To Lose a Battle and tells the story of the great crises of the rivalry between France and Germany. The collapse of France in 1870 had an overwhelming impact - on Paris, on France and on the rest of the world. People everywhere saw Paris as the centre of Europe and the hub of culture, fashion and invention. But suddenly France, not least to the disbelief of her own citizens, was gripped in the vice of the Prussian armies and forced to surrender on humiliating terms. Almost immediately Paris was convulsed by the savage self-destruction of the newly formed Socialist government, the Commune.

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