Czechoslovak Armoured Fighting Vehicles 1918-1945

Название: Czechoslovak Armoured Fighting Vehicles 1918-1945
Автор: Charles K. Kliment, Hilary Louis Doyle
Издательство: Bellonona / Argus Books
ISBN: 0852426283
Год издания: 1979
Язык: English
Cтраниц: 71*2
Формат: PDF
Размер: 38,2 MB

Czechoslovak tanks and other fighting vehicles were of excellent design and manufacture and exported or built under licence by many nations before the outbreak of World War 2. Such was their production and basic good design the German Army took over the Czech facilities in their entirety when they overran the the country in 1939. With only a few alternativefitments the Czech PzKpfw 38(t) became a mainstay of severai Werhmacht divisions and was widely used for the first two years of World War 2. Later, as more heavily armed and armoured vehicles came into use the various Czech chassis were developed with a series of tank destroyer and SP guns which lasted to the end of the war. A companion volume to Panzerkampfwagen: German Combat Tanks 1933-1945, this is a full development and operational history, well illustrated and with representative scale plans.




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