Graf Zeppelin (Encyklopedia Okretow Wojennych 42)

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Название: Graf Zeppelin
Автор: Siegfried Breyer
Издательство: AJ-Press
Серия: Encyklopedia Okretow Wojennych 42
ISBN: 8372371563
Год издания: 2004
Язык: Polish/Ehglish
Cтраниц: 182
Формат: PDF
Размер: 108,9 MB

Text in Polish and English, a history of German aircraft carriers with special attention to Graf Zeppelin-the ship that has never been completed. The author describes her history from the very beginning, then problems which occurred to designers and finally decisions which led to abandoning the construction. Monograph contains also technical description, rich in photo graphs and 3D drawings. There is also chapter concerning deck aircraft; short description of each aircraft type intended to be used is included. General scale plans, original shipyard drawings, longitudinal and frame sections are shown on A1 inserts. 3D drawings show aircraft carrier presumable appearance and her appearance according to the original design. Bonus: Polish Maritime Academy: Graf Zeppelin wreck - inspection and confirmation (Polish text).



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