Peasant Art in Italy

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Peasant Art in Italy
Название: Peasant Art in Italy
Автор(ы): Charles Holme (editor)
Издательство: "The Studio" Ltd
Год: 1913
Страниц: 244
Язык: Inglish
Формат: PDF
Размер: 259 MB

The editor desires to acknowledge, in the first instance, his indebtedness to Mr. Sidney J. A. Churchill, M.V.O., for the valuable assistance he has rendered in the preparation of this volume. Also to Madame Elisa Ricci, whose wide knowledge of the Peasant Art of Italy has proved of the greatest help, and who has been instrumental in obtaining for illustration many of the finest examples shown in this work. Thanks are also due to Professor Carlo Segre, of Rome; Ing. Carlo Marini, of Rome; Revdo. Canonico Frutaz, of Aosta; Ing. Alberto Bronzini Zapelloni, of Cagliari; Count Bagatti Valsecchi; Professor Comm. Gius Pitre, of Palermo; Dr. Vincenzo Balzano, of Rome; Dr. T. Ashby, of the British School at Rome; Mr. Harry Burton, of Florence; Mr. F. Grove, of Naples; Sgr. Enrico Ragazzino, of Naples; Madame Amalia Besso; Madame Giulia Peyretti; Prof. Comm. G. Ballardini, of Faenza; Professor Roccavilla, of Biella; Cav. Collecchia, of Pescocostanzo; Mr. Russell Flint; Comm. Aristide Sartorio; Messrs. Daneu and Co., of Palermo; and the Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche, of Bergamo, for the assistance they have given in various ways.

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