Feed Your Family Right!: How to Make Smart Food and Fitness Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle
Название: Feed Your Family Right!: How to Make Smart Food and Fitness Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle
Автор: Elisa Zied, Ruth Winter
Издательство: Wiley
Год: 2007
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 288
Размер: 14,8 Mb
Язык: English

With today's on-the-go lifestyles, how do you keep a family with different tastes, preferences, and activity levels well fed and healthy? The answer: you do it together. Now you can improve daily eating and fitness habits and achieve a healthy weight as a family. It's time to Feed Your Family Right!

This easy-to-follow, action-oriented guide helps you understand how your family's habits and behaviors influence your eating and fitness styles, and shows you how to modify them to achieve and maintain a healthier weight for life. You get expert advice to help create a nutrition plan for each family member—one that takes into account individual tastes and genetics—as well as help in setting realistic food and fitness goals as a family. Equipped with delicious recipes, practical meal plans, and exercise tips, you'll learn how to:

• Support one another to create and maintain your new, healthful behaviors for life
• Understand the role of heredity and genes in body weight
• Balance your food and fitness choices and attitudes—and pass them down to your kids
• Eat healthfully at home, in restaurants, or on the go
• Increase physical activity levels while making fitness fun
• Improve your overall health, body weight, and appearance

Discover how each member of your family can make more sensible choices, feel good about their bodies, and grow into healthy eaters who enjoy food, fitness, and life.

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