Cook's Encyclopaedia

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Название: Cook's Encyclopaedia
Автор: Tom Stobart
Издательство: Grub Street Cookery
Год: 2016
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 461
Для сайта:
Размер: 96,9 Mb
Язык: English

Here in almost 500 pages is a descriptive compendium of just about everything we eat and how we cook it. Arranged alphabetically from Abalone to Zampone, the majority of entries in the book deal with the ingredients and processes used in cooking. Tom Stobart says in his Introduction 'Ingredients are the fundamentals of cookery and every cook who hopes to excel should know about them...' Likewise with methods and science in the kitchen, Stobart explains all the common processes from bottling brewing, brining, curing, smoking and vacuuming.

Hundreds of ingredients are described, with English and foreign synonyms and scientific names; recipes are given in many cases to illustrate the use of the foodstuff in question. Cooking processes are explained in great and illuminating detail. The aim is both to entertain and to instruct-in particular, to give a sense of the essence and individuality of each ingredient. Tom Stobart traveled widely, both as an explorer and a film maker, and his book was informed by an eye for telling details.

Many fans say they would be lost without this book, which segues effortlessly between exhaustive reference work and handy recipe book, and back again. It explains the world of the kitchen, whether you're a beginner or an old hand, revealing the facts behind foods, equipment and techniques. Stobart describes how baking powder works, for instance, the temperature at which bacteria grow, and how to make your own tomato ketchup, so every time you dip into this book, you'll be better equipped to return to the stove.

About the Author
Thomas Ralph Stobart , known as Tom Stobart , (b. 1914 in England , d. 1980 in Hassocks , Sussex , England) was a mountaineer, cameraman, director, author and expert in herbs and spices. He studied at the Universities of Sheffield and Cambridge and graduated with a B.Sc. in zoology . He was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire ). He became particularly well known for his participation in the Mount Everest Expedition by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953 . He was chief cameraman and filmed the film. Due to pneumonia, he could not handle the higher altitudes. During his worldwide travels Stobart was interested in the native plants and studied their use in the local cuisine. This resulted in his books on international food ingredients and spices. Thus book was first published by Grub Street, London in 1998.

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