Webster's new world - Letter Writing Handbook

Автор:Robert W. Bly
Название: Letter Writing Handbook / Справочник по составлению писем
ISBN-10: 9780764525247
ISBN-13: 978-0764525247
Размер: 11МВ

Справочник охватывает всё необходимое для составления информативных, в хорошем стиле, деловых и частных писем на английском языке.
Более 300 образцов писем на разнообразные темы, структура, стиль, оформление.
The right letter can make all the difference. Whether you’re trying to get a better job, communicate business information with clarity, or just say thanks to an old friend, great letters leave a lasting impression. But drafting every letter from scratch takes time; that’s why there’s the Webster’s New World Letter Writing Handbook. It covers all the essentials of effective letter writing, offers more than 300 customizable real-world examples, and includes proven advice on:
Grabbing your reader’s attention.
Stating your case effectively.
Swaying your reader’s opinion.
Closing with a clincher.
Getting the response you want.
The Webster’s New World Letter Writing Handbook covers far more than just cover letters and thank-you notes; you’ll find unbeatable examples and world-class advice for crafting every kind of letter: congratulations, apologies, expressions of sympathy, fundraising, requests for favors, requests for information, job search, selling, complaints and responses to complaints, feedback reprimands, refusals, bill collections and more!

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