One Skein Crochet
Название: One Skein Crochet: De-Stash Beautifully, One Skein at a Time
Автор: Ellen Gormley
Издательство: Interweave
Год: 2019
Формат: jpg / pdf
Страниц: 113
Для сайта: LitMy
Размер: 72.3 MB / 71.1 MB
Язык: English

Turn a cherished skein of yarn into a unique crocheted accessory!
Have you fallen in love with a single skein of yarn, but struggle to find just the right pattern for it? One Skein Crochet has just what you're looking for! Packed with stash-busting know-how, Ellen Gormley is sharing more than just patterns in this inspiring resource.
Inside you'll find:
* Information on how to pair single skeins of yarn with the perfect crochet project.
* How-to on anticipating when a skein of yarn will end so you always have enough to finish what you're stitching.
* Lessons on designing your own stunning one-skein projects.
* Plus, 15 inspiring accessories that only take a single skein!

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