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Milestones in Analog and Digital Computing, Third Edition

Название: Milestones in Analog and Digital Computing, Third Edition
Автор: Herbert Bruderer
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2020
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 2072
Размер: 86.85 МБ
Язык: English

This Third Edition is the first English-language edition of the award-winning Meilensteine der Rechentechnik; illustrated in full color throughout in two volumes. The Third Edition is devoted to both analog and digital computing devices, as well as the world's most magnificient historical automatons and select scientific instruments (employed in astronomy, surveying, time measurement, etc.).
It also features detailed instructions for analog and digital mechanical calculating machines and instruments, and is the only such historical book with comprehensive technical glossaries of terms not found in print or in online dictionaries. The book also includes a very extensive bibliography based on the literature of numerous countries around the world.
Meticulously researched, the author conducted a worldwide survey of science, technology and art museums with their main holdings of analog and digital calculating and computing machines and devices, historical automatons and selected scientific instruments in order to describe a broad range of masterful technical achievements. Also covering the history of mathematics and computer science, this work documents the cultural heritage of technology as well.

Most comprehensive book on the history of computing, consisting of two volumes encompassing some 2,000 pages, with more than 700 illustrations (some 280 of which are new to this edition) and over 150 tables (about 50 of which are new to this edition)
New edition (published in the English language for the first time) features a significantly expanded global overview, comprehensive German-English and English-German glossaries of technical terms with over 5,000 entries, and a greatly expanded and updated bibliography with over 6,000 entries
Features new information on recently discovered mathematical instruments, including the Multiple Curta (the world’s smallest mechanical parallel calculator)
Includes greater consideration of related fields, such as scientific instruments, typewriters, and perforated tape controlled looms and automatons
Twenty additional step-by-step user instructions for historical analog and digital calculating devices

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