Quantum Theory: A Crash Course: Become An Instant Expert
Название: Quantum Theory: A Crash Course: Become An Instant Expert
Автор: Brian Clegg
Издательство: Ivy Press
Год: 2019
Формат: True PDF/ePub
Страниц: 160
Размер: 16.7 Mb
Язык: English

Quantum Theory: A Crash Course simplifies this strange and complex science for all to understand. The book is divided into four chapters, covering various aspects of the theory: its foundations and principles; its probabalistic nature and concepts; the wide range of interpretations; and its practical applications in our lives. Each chapter contains an overview, timeline and four biographies, followed by thirteen illustrated topics, each broken down into microscopic chunks. ‘Hypothesis’ explains the main concept of the subject, while ‘Under the microscope’ provides further detail or a different angle to enhance understanding. Finally, ‘Factoid’ provides a fascinating or unusual fact. This is the perfect crash course for budding quantum theorists.

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