Cater your own wedding: easy ways to do it yourself in style

Название: Cater your own wedding: easy ways to do it yourself in style
Автор: Michael Flowers, Donna Bankhead, Donna Blankhead
Издательство: New Page Books
Год: 2000
Формат: pdf
Страниц: pdf
Для сайта: openclass.ru
Размер: 15,47 МБ
Язык: english

Of course, self-catering your wedding sounds intimidating and cumbersome. What should you serve? How do you calculate what you need? What if you can't figure out how to work the punch fountain at the reception? Without professional help, too much could go wrong on such an important day. Cater Your Own Wedding to the rescue. This new and delightful how-to book provides all the professional catering help a bride will need and all the cost-cutting tips that make affordable elegance a reality. Taking all the guesswork out of the process of planning, preparing, and putting on a reception, Cater Your Own Wedding enables even the most inexperienced host to throw a memorable party with no stress. The book outlines six different types of receptions to suit different needs, complete with mouth-watering, original menus, and detailed, easy-to-follow recipes.

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