Cabin Style: Ideas and Projects for Your World
Название: Cabin Style: Ideas and Projects for Your World
Автор: Jerri Farris, Tim Himsel
Издательство: Creative Pub
ISBN: 1589230582
Год: 2002
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 148
Размер: 100 Мб
Язык: English

This remarkable book will show readers how to transform a home of any style into a relaxed, cabin-like refuge. Although rustic, natural images and accessories predominate, cabin-style homes can be created in many themes, depending on your idea of a perfect retreat -- seashore cottage or mountain hunting lodge, north woods hiking cabin or bayou fishing camp. But what all cabin-style homes have in common is their ability to create a sanctuary from the busy world of cell phones and appointment books, workday commutes, and committee meetings. A cabin-style home is a place where the pace of life seems calmer, where peacefulness comes before punctuality, where evening card games are more common than cable TV.

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