Practical Raspberry Pi Projects Second Edition
Practical Raspberry Pi Projects Second Edition
Название: Practical Raspberry Pi Projects Second Edition
Издательство: Imagine Publishing Limited
Автор: коллектив
Год: 2015
Количество страниц: 164
Размер:30 Mb

No matter your age or experience level, there's a Raspberry Pi Project for you, and in Practical Raspberry Pi Projects we're giving you everything you need to fire up your imagination and unleash your creativity. From hardware-based projects like building a Raspberry Pi-controlled car, through software projects like programming your own virtual assistant, all the way to advanced electronics projects that will see you building a Minecraft power move glove, car computer or quadcopter, we've got plenty here to keep you busy.

In this bookazine...

Get hands-on with your Raspberry Pi

10 practical Raspberry Pi projects
- Follow along with our expert advice and kick-start your own amazing Raspberry Pi projects

Build a Raspberry Pi car computer
- Make your own touchscreen navigation system that gives directions, local weather reports and plays music

Assemble a Minecraft power move glove
- Create a piece of wearable tech with power moves assigned to each button

20 Raspberry Pi hacking projects
- Get the inside story on how to replicate the greatest Raspberry Pi hardware hacks

Also inside...
- Turn a Pi into a router
- How I made: PiKon
- Build a RasPi-controlled car
- How I made: Robot arm
- Make a Raspberry Pi HTPC
- Make a tweeting wireless flood sensor
- Build a Raspberry Pi-powered Bigtrak
- Build a networked Hi-Fi
- Make a digital photo frame
- How I made: Pi Glass
- Build a Raspberry Pi Minecraft console
- Visualise music in Minecraft with PianoHAT
- Supercharge your Raspberry Pi
- Create your own digital assistant, part 1
- Digital assistant, part 2: speech recognition
- Digital assistant, part 3: run other programs
- Run experiments on the ExpEYES kit
- Monitor CPU temperature with Dizmo
- Talking on the I2C bus
- Print wirelessly with your Raspberry Pi
- Remotely control your Pi
- Turn your Pi into a motion sensor with SimpleCV
- Code a simple synthesiser
- How I made: RasPi Terrarium controller
- Make a RasPi sampler
- Transform your Pi into a micro oscilloscope
- How I made: Pi Glove 2
- Assemble a Minecraft power move glove
- Build a complex LED matrix
- Add gesture control to your Raspberry Pi
- How I made: Joytone
- Build a Connect 4 robot


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