Modeling and Control of a Tracked Mobile Robot for Pipeline Inspection

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Название: Modeling and Control of a Tracked Mobile Robot for Pipeline Inspection (Mechanisms and Machine Science (82))
Автор: Michał Ciszewski, Mariusz Giergiel, Tomasz Buratowski, Piotr Małka
Издательство: Mechanisms and Machine Science
Год: 2020
Формат: true pdf/epub
Страниц: 148
Размер: 56.9 Mb
Язык: English

This book describes the design, mathematical modeling, control system development and experimental validation of a versatile mobile pipe inspection robot. It also discusses a versatile robotic system for pipeline inspection, together with an original, adaptable tracked mobile robot featuring a patented motion unit. Pipeline inspection is a common field of application for mobile robots because the monitoring of inaccessible, long and narrow pipelines is a very difficult task for humans. The main design objective is to minimize the number of robots needed to inspect different types of horizontal and vertical pipelines, with both smooth and rough surfaces. The book includes extensive information on the various design phases, mathematical modeling, simulations and control system development. In closing, the prototype construction process and testing procedures are presented and supplemented with laboratory and field experiments.

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