GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion 3rd Edition

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Название: GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion Third Edition
Автор: Alex Lidow, de Rooij, Michael, Johan Strydom, David Reusch, John Glaser
Издательство: Wiley
Год: 2019
Формат: True PDF
Страниц: 374
Размер: 38.6 Mb
Язык: English

An up-to-date, practical guide on upgrading from silicon to GaN, and how to use GaN transistors in power conversion systems design
This updated, third edition of a popular book on GaN transistors for efficient power conversion has been substantially expanded to keep students and practicing power conversion engineers ahead of the learning curve in GaN technology advancements. Acknowledging that GaN transistors are not one-to-one replacements for the current MOSFET technology, this book serves as a practical guide for understanding basic GaN transistor construction, characteristics, and applications. Included are discussions on the fundamental physics of these power semiconductors, layout, and other circuit design considerations, as well as specific application examples demonstrating design techniques when employing GaN devices.
GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion, 3rd Edition brings key updates to the chapters of Driving GaN Transistors; Modeling, Simulation, and Measurement of GaN Transistors; DC-DC Power Conversion; Envelope Tracking; and Highly Resonant Wireless Energy Transfer. It also offers new chapters on Thermal Management, Multilevel Converters, and Lidar, and revises many others throughout.
Written by leaders in the power semiconductor field and industry pioneers in GaN power transistor technology and applications
Updated with 35% new material, including three new chapters on Thermal Management, Multilevel Converters, Wireless Power, and Lidar
Features practical guidance on formulating specific circuit designs when constructing power conversion systems using GaN transistors
A valuable resource for professional engineers, systems designers, and electrical engineering students who need to fully understand the state-of-the-art
GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion, 3rd Edition is an essential learning tool and reference guide that enables power conversion engineers to design energy-efficient, smaller, and more cost-effective products using GaN transistors.

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