Playboy №2 2018 South Africa

Название: Playboy South Africa №2 2018
Издательство: Playboy Enterprises International
Год издания: 2018
Страниц: 100
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 21.9 Мб

Playboy South Africa - типичное местное издание мужского образа жизни Африки. Плейбой был основан в 1953 году, и это самый продаваемый ежемесячный журнал для мужчин в мире! Ни один другой журнал не развлекает вас с качеством, стилем и голой правдой Плейбоя. В каждом номере самые красивые в мире женщины, советы о сексе без цензуры, интервью знаменитостей, фантастика и юмор, известные карикатуры и анекдоты, стимулирующие статьи и, конечно, роскошные радующие глаз фотомодели.

February is the month of love, and we're all for it. Check out our favourite playmate and blonde bombshell of the season Charlotte Withrow in her flawless shoot with cover king Arthur St. John, explore what the year ahead has in store for your sex life, enjoy our 20 question interview with Cillian Murphy and get to know the first family of Playboy a lot better with Christie Hefner.


LET'S PLAY Swedish pop star Tove Lo tells its all about her “Disco Tits” 12
PICTORIAL Kimberley Ann. this British bombshell has interesting hobbies and her eyes very much on the prize 16
TECH From delivery bots to app-assisted birth control, we take a look at tech to expect in 2018 24
TV New miniseries Waco and returning Hutu standout The Path challenge the way we think about cults in America 26
ART Meet five members of Creatives for Climate: cutting-edge artists reinventing the Rabbit for a good cause 28
PICTORIAL Bree Leigh, the fitness model who loves to shop and oozes positivity and good vibes 30
IS THIS GUY FOR REAL? Box Brown gives the comics treatment to Andy Kaufman’s Playmate wrestling match 38
INTERVIEW Christie Hefner opens up about her years at the helm of Playboy and her relationship with Hef 42
COVER FEATURE Charlotte Withrow, the power house of a woman, she is all that and more than you could ever imagine 50
YEAR IN SEX Pull on your pussvhat and get ready to review 2017’s biggest sex stories 58
PICTORIAL Jenny Garza, the mermaid dreamboat with big dreams and even bigger goals 64
FICTION Secrets, silence and survival in What She Saw by Ariel Dorfman 72
20Q Cillian Murphy reflects on Peaky Blinders and the perils of being pigeonholed 78
PROFILE Following US Senator Jeff Flake in the days before and after his shattering announcement 82
PICTORIAL Courtney Willet, the girl of many talents, this beaut}’ loves staying fit and living life to the fullest 86
ADVISOR We answer your questions on love and football plus so much more! 94
POLITICS Republicans control the political landscape; will Trump torpedo their shot at hanging on to power? 96
ON THE COVER Charlotte Withrow, photography by Arthur St. John

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