Architecture and Urbanism (a+u) - No.585
Название: Architecture and Urbanism (a+u)
Издательство: Shinkenchiku-Sha Co
Год / месяц: 2019
Номер: 585
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 110 Mb
Язык: English, Japanese

First published in January 1971, a+u – Architecture & Urbanism – is an architectural magazine in Japanese and English that provides information on architecture around the globe
to a global readership. As Japan’s only monthly periodical dedicated to disseminating information on architecture around the world, a+u has been widely and actively read by the
architecture community since its inaugural issue. The magazine’s research network extends around the globe, covering more than 100 countries. It features direct reporting on
individual architects in various countries, and each issue is edited from a unique perspective to efficiently deliver the latest trends to readers. In addition, essays penned by architects,
critics and historians help guide thinking on tomorrow’s architecture, greatly influencing the industry inside and outside Japan

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